Team Approach

When you you hire an agent to help sell you're home you're also hiring all the people they work with. You want to hire an experienced team of professionals who can move  you through the sales process smoothly. I've had an opportunity to develop great relationships with some of the best real estate people in the business, they'll work with us to make the process of selling your home totally headache free.

Title & Escrow

Susan See

Account Executive

Assured Title Agency, LLC

DTC -6025 S. Quebec St. Suite 140, Centennial, 80111

                            M (303) 549-4585

                            F (303) 331-0220



Neal Paul
Account Manager
Commercial, Builder & Transit
Oriented Developments (TODs)
North American Title Company
210 University Blvd., Suite 350
                          Denver, CO 80206
                          Main Number: 303.316.3400
                          M 303.905.2161
                          F 303.322.3696

Showing Services

Centralized Showings

Marketing Resources

Scott Scheff
CEO/Principal Human Factors Engineer
Scott Scheff
CEO/Principal Human Factors Engineer
HF Designworks, Inc.
1350 Pine Street, Suite 6
                           Boulder, CO 80302
                           O 303.945.4920
                           M 818.726.3233

Eric Lucero
E.L. imagery LLC
10427 Rutledge St
Parker, CO 80134
P 720.933.6671

Loryanne Walker
RMD Signs
Sr. Customer Service
(p) 303-573-5500
(f) 303-573-1300

Home Staging

Lynne Martin
WestView Design
8645 Gold Peak Place, Unit C
Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
P (303) 521-7939

Legal Council

John Goodman
Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, P.C.
4750 Table Mesa Drive  
Boulder, CO  80305
P 303-494-3000
F 303-494-6309  

Digital Marketing Resources

Research conducted by the National Association of Realtors indicate that more than 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for properties. Top ranking sites like Zillow and Trulia attracts millions of unique visitors each month, but the number of sites people use can be counted in the thousands. As a seller, it's important to gain maximum exposure across a broad range of sites that appeal both locally and nationally.

We subscribe to a listing syndication service that brings realty firms a comprehensive system for maximizing listing exposure while providing reports, analytics, and marketing tools necessary for driving an effective online advertising program.

These national sites and the sites they power total more than 900 real estate search web sites. 

Why Sell with Passport Homes?


We want your journey buying or selling a home to be a first class experience -- fun all the way, and totally free of stress. As we navigate you through the process you'll appreciate a combination of market smarts, patience and attentive listening skills. Obstacles are common in real estate transactions and we take pride in working hard to find solutions when many agents are ready to give-up. Buying or selling a home is often part of a greater life transition and one that truly requires the knowledge, experience and understanding of an agent who has your goals in mind.

A successful sales system

When we start working together to sell your property, we create a thorough game plan to get you paid at closing. It starts with preparing your home for sale, establishing a timeline, making any repairs or cosmetic improvements necessary, and getting good photos and video.

When your listing hits the market we want to make an impact. There are hundreds or even thousands of buyers out there who are targeting a home in your area and your price range --  we want them to have an immediate reaction when they first see the listing. Photos, virtual tours, a well-written description... we'll use them all to create a stunning debut.

Useful tips to make your home shine:

a)  Fix the things you know are broken or need repair -- if you're not sure spend the home and have it inspected before you put it on the market.

b)  Organize your closets, put away the toys and try to show as much uncluttered space as possible.

c)  Allow people the opportunity to walk-through your home and visualize themselves living there -- remove excessive family photos.

d)  Paint and lighting -- two of the least expensive ways to improve a home and increase your resale value.

e)  Most importantly -- the home should be clean and have a fresh scent.

The basics of selling your home

When you choose a professional to help sell your home, it's really like hiring a marketing firm. Our job is to know the best way to reach buyers out there -- how to make your product shine, and how to help you offer it at a price that entices the right purchaser.

Before making the decision to put your house on the market, you might ask the question -- where would I like to live next? If your goal is to make a stress free transition, a little planning will go a long way. Speaking with a lender to get per-qaulified, and beginning the search for your next home will insure that you move smoothly through the process of selling your current home.

Market intelligence

We'll make optimum use of market stats to set the right price for your home. We'll look at days on market (DOM), absorption rate and market inventory to determine a listing price that makes sense. We'll also look at comparable sales data to determine if you're area is currently a buyers or sellers market -- in the end you'll have the knowledge to make an informed decision about whether this is the best time to sell your home. Be wary of agents who are quick to take your listing and promise big rewards -- it won't be long before they start asking for big price reductions!

What if I'm under water

If you're under water, meaning you owe more than your home is worth, there are still a number of options including; short sales, foreclosure, died in lieu, and the possibility renting-out the property to remain cash-flow positive. There's no universal solution, but there are a number choices. Please contact us to learn more about the options that may be available to you.

Pricing & Fees

Agent commission: Real estate agents earn a living when we help people to buy and/or sell homes. Typically, the seller pays for both agent's commission. For example, an agent who charges a home seller 6% will typically make 3.2% on the successful completion of the sale. The remaining 2.8% will be paid to the buyers agent -- a rate that's very common in the Denver market.

At Passport Home Realty we promote first class service AND good value. Returning clients always get a discount off the 6% base rate, and additional discounts are offered when buying and selling simultaneously. Certain transactions that are more complex or time consuming may cost more, but you'll never see any hidden fees, or processing fees associated with your transaction.

What Comes Standard

  • Insertion in MLS (multi-listing service)
  • Agent accessibility 7 days a week
  • High quality yard-arm real estate sign (variations available for condos)
  • Hassle-free showings managed by Centralized Showing service 
  • Full color professional photography and thoughtfully written property descriptions
  • Your listing will be syndicated through thousands of real estate websites attracting millions of unique visitors each month

Listing Upgrades

  • Electronic lock box: offers greater oversight of who accesses your property - $349

  • Professional photography: - included (depending on property size and specifics)

  • Virtual tour - $99

  • Vimeo video tour $99

  • Professionally made brochures (includes 100 color copies) - $129

  • Interior design consultation - $129

  • Staging: Is especially useful for vacant properties $2,000-10,000 (depends on size - but plan on roughly 2% of the sale price for a full home).

House cleaning -- a must for all properties $99-299

Additional Selling Fees

Title fees: Title insurance premiums are paid by the seller and will be based on the sales price of your home.  Please click here to see a rate card. Title companies charge a handful of other nominal fees, some are split with the buyer and others are paid directly to the county in which you reside.

Inspection items:  Sellers can reasonably expect to spend a few hundred dollars repairing or replacing items that come up during a buyers home inspection. Typical issues include bathroom grout or caulking, mis-wired electrical outlets and furnace cleaning and certification.

Smooth landing into closing

Showings: Allowing other agents to show your home is an essential ingredient to getting your home sold. Utilizing a service like Centralized Showings allows us to provide our clients with a hassle-free solution that won't interfere with the rest of your life! we'll start by setting a showing schedule, then we'll set-up notifications so you're able to cancel or confirm showings via text, email and/or phone.

Once we're under contract: We're here to help you through all the steps of escrow, including inspections, title reports, appraisal, permits (when applicable) and onto final loan approval. There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes -- identifying problems, providing solutions and absorbing stress. When closing day arrives it's kind of like landing a plane at the end of a trip. Our goal is to insure that you have a smooth and happy landing so you can move on with the next phase in your life -- whatever that may be.  


                       At Passport Homes we strive to make your journey in real estate a first class experience